Our new website released!

Av-Can Engineering Energy & Construction Co., Ltd. opened its new website on 29.July.2013 .Ouw website designed professionally to meet the requirements of Turkish Commercial Low. From this section, you can follow all important news about our company and electricity sector.

International Energy Congress!

International Energy Congress will be carried out between 24 and 25 October 2013 at CONGRESIUM ANKARA ATO INTERNATIONAL KONGRESS AND EXHIBITION CENTRE. Along the staff of domestic and abroad energy companies, academicans, breaucrats and envoys of civil assosiations will attend to the congress.. Read More..


Some of our project and construction references:

 Silopi Thermic Facility 8 MVA
Cooling Water 
Energy Supply
Project and Construction

Veca Dış Tic. A.Ş.
Çankırı Ferro Mangan Facility 
33.20 MVA Energy Supply
Project and Construction

Mumcu Teneke
Gönen 500 KW

Solar Energy Plant
Project and Construction

Tarım İşletmeleri
Ceylanpınar Circip 
40 MVA Energy Supply 
Project and Construction
Ankara  Yenikent
Waste Separating Facility
Transformer Substations
Project and Construction

Toki Trabzon Yomra 
Having 400 Beds 
Government Hospital
4x1600 KVA Energy Supply
Project and Construction

Toki Trabzon Akçabat
Having 400 Beds Gov.
2x1600 KVA 
Energy Automation
Project and Construction
Having 250 Beds 
Government Hospital
2x1600 KVA Energy Supply
Project and Construction
Divan Hotel
1250 KVA 
Transformer Substation
Project and Construction
Bursa Nilüfer O.S.B. 
50 MVA
Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi
Weak Current
Fire Detection and Warning
System Construction
Et Balık Kurumu
Sincan Facilities
2500 KVA + 1600 KVA
Energy and Automation 
Project and Construction
Tarım İşletmeleri Gen. Müd.
Mahmudiye İşl. Müdürlüğü
5x250 KVA ETL and Transfor-
mer Substation Construction

ABC Otomotiv Ltd. Şti. 
2000 KVA 
Transformer Substation
Project and Construction
Samsun Kavak County 
154 kV 
2 km Length
Energy Transmission Line
 Gaziantep O.S.B. 
50 MVA