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Our new website released!

Av-Can Engineering Energy & Construction Co., Ltd. opened its new website on 29.July.2013 .Ouw website designed professionally to meet the requirements of Turkish Commercial Low. From this section, you can follow all important news about our company and electricity sector.

International Energy Congress!

International Energy Congress will be carried out between 24 and 25 October 2013 at CONGRESIUM ANKARA ATO INTERNATIONAL KONGRESS AND EXHIBITION CENTRE. Along the staff of domestic and abroad energy companies, academicans, breaucrats and envoys of civil assosiations will attend to the congress.. Read More..


Our Services

Av-Can Engineering Co., Ltd has been established in 2005. Since its been founded , Av-Can Engineering Co. Ltd. has completed numerous projects successfully and now offering to you its experience, know-how and the understanding of ethical bussiness in designing of energy transmission lines, engineering and consultation services, turnkey transformer substation applications, construction of weak - heavy current facilities, construction oflow high voltage (LW~HW)  facilities areas.

Av-Can Engineering Co., Ltd. in the view of the ceaselessly devoling technologies, according to new energy requirements in Turkey, continues to add last technologies and techniques to its activity area. To meet this requirements new technical personnals are joining to our expert team.

On the contrary of the companies in sector whose company policy is just selling equipments and hardware, Av-Can technically supports its customers in each stage of the project with its knowledge and experiences. Av-Can serves the best solutions in a condition of turn-key projects.

Serving best solutions with high quality equipments is the one of the principles that Av-Can Engineering cannot abandon.

Designing projects meeting international standards and being a company which serves as a modern European company are the most important aims of Av-Can Engineering Co.Ltd.

Av-Can Engineering, knows very well that customer satisfaction is the first, also knows very well that the most important principle is serving the best service before and after project.