Our new website released!

Av-Can Engineering Energy & Construction Co., Ltd. opened its new website on 29.July.2013 .Ouw website designed professionally to meet the requirements of Turkish Commercial Low. From this section, you can follow all important news about our company and electricity sector.

International Energy Congress!

International Energy Congress will be carried out between 24 and 25 October 2013 at CONGRESIUM ANKARA ATO INTERNATIONAL KONGRESS AND EXHIBITION CENTRE. Along the staff of domestic and abroad energy companies, academicans, breaucrats and envoys of civil assosiations will attend to the congress.. Read More..


Since its been founded, Av-Can Engineering Co., Ltd. notices energy transmission&distribution lines and super structure projects.

Av-Can Engineering has succesfully achieved so many superstructure and infrastructure projects in Turkey and neighbouring countries in this sense it has consociated with pioneer worldwide companies using last technology. Av-Can still carries out cyclically technical trainings and applies in its projects. With well-trained and expert team Av-Can continues serving superstructure and infrastructure solutions to its customer in this respect.

In order to meet requirements arising in next decand, Av-Can designs its all projects permanently. Av-Can Engineering serves solutions to its customers according to their requirements by following the stages shown as below:

  • Introducing technologies which will be used in the project
  • Product selection and expenditure works by exchanging consideration
  • Technical reporting and drawings in installation and maintanance
  • After installation technical support

Main construction areas ; 

  • Energy Transmission&Distribution Lines 
  • Distribution Transformer Substations
  • Hospital, Airport and City Networks
  • Superstructure Weak and Heavy Current Facilities
  • Illumination Facilites
  • HEP (Hydroelectric Energy Plants)
  • WEP (Wind Energy Plants)
  • Natural Gas and Thermic Electricity Plants
  • Biogas Electricity Transition Plants